We have developed anti-slip marking meshed for the plywood industry. Several of our marking patterns are now industry standards worldwide. We have a wide range of both synthetic and metal materials.

Our innovative work has brought us the market leader position in anti-slip meshes. We are working closely with major plywood producers around the world. Based on the feedback, we are constantly improving our offering.

OreaPly product family covers all needs for the plywood producer.

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We have created specialized, tailor-made solutions for the paper and board industry.

These solutions cover products used for fiber preparation and tail threading. We produce belts for all types of conveyors including antistatic belts for air laid processes.

OREABelt C – antistatic belt
OREAForce – woven tail threading belt
OREAForce S – spiral tail threading belts

Filtration fabrics for cheese production, FDA approved

Leading supplier of air baffles to wood drying processes, Northern Europe


During the years we’ve operated, we have designed tailor-made products for several machine suppliers. These designs and solutions are usually made to meet the demands of a very specific process need.

As a result, we operate as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for several machine suppliers. In these cases, the research and development is made in close co-operation with the companies and their process owners.